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HDP-2800ES High Definition Diagonal Fisheye conversion Lens 0.28x
HDP-2800ES High Definition
Diagonal Fisheye conversion Lens 0.28x

The HDP-2800ES lens is a conversion lens for capturing an ultra wide angle image in using with the High Definition Digital camcorder. The lens is particularly designed to be in focus through the whole zoom range of up to 5x*. The lens is made of the high index optical glass elements in 3-group/3-element formula, and it's made in compact size and light weight. It achieved an amazing high resolution power of 475 lines/mm at center (MTF30%). Mounting on the wide angle lens of f=26mm or less (35mm film equivalent) focal length, it will be possible to shoot the scene of 180-degree diagonal**.
The two adapter rings of 37mm and 43mm come with the lens in the original factory package for use with the same filter sized lenses.
Available in February 2011.
A true High-Definition quality edge to edge

It creates a -64% distortion image,
obtaining the Fisheye effect.

3-Group-3-element High Definition Design

205g Compact size design

Specifications & Measurements
Construction Sturdy and solid metal and ABS/PC hybrid body
Magnification Nominal 0.28x, Actual 0.18x Diagonal, 0.32x Horizontal
Lens construction 3-group/3-element, Coated optical glass elements
Image distortion -64%(max.wideangle)
Front Filter threads None
Basic rear threads 52mm Pitch0.75
Dimensions (Height x Diameter) 41mm x 77mm
Weight 205g(7.2oz)
Accessories 2-Adapter rings(F52-M37mm Pitch 0.75, F52-M43mm Pitch 0.75), Lens protection case, Lens caps,
Instruction manuals

Please use an appropriate adapter ring for the filter sizes other than 37mm and 43mm. A list of adapter rings.


SONY HDR-CX550V/550VE, HDR-XR550V/550VE, HXR-MC50/50E
AVCHD Camcorders

SONY HDR-CX110/150/115E/116E/155E,
HDR-XR150/XR155E AVCHD Camcorders

AVCHD Camcorders
Comparison images taken with HDP-2800ES Diagonal-Fisheye lens Comparison images taken with HDP-2800ES Diagonal-Fisheye lens Comparison images taken with HDP-2800ES Diagonal-Fisheye lens
These are the comparison movies taken by a 10x zoom High Definition camera with or without the HDP-2800ES lens attached,
at the same distance.
(16:9 mode)

These are the comparison movies taken by a 25x zoom High Definition camera with or without the HDP-2800ES lens attached,
at the same distance.
(16:9 mode)

These are the comparison movies taken by a 12x zoom High Definition camera with or without the HDP-2800ES lens attached,
at the same distance.
(16:9 mode)

Compatible with Digital Still Camera

HDP-2800ES Diagonal Fisheye conversion lens is also suitable to the Digital Still cameras.
A LIST OF ADAPTERS for your camera lens filter thread sizes

These images were taken with Digital Still Camera(4:3 mode)

● The specifications and cosmetic designs may change without a prior notice.
For 37mm filter sized camera : A 52-37mm adapter ring is already mounted on the HDP-2800ES originally and you can mount the HDP-2800ES directly by screwing onto 37mm filter sized camera lens. For other than 37mm filter sized camera lens : Remove the 52-37mm adapter ring from the HDP-2800ES by unscrewing and then replace it with the appropriate thread sized adapter ring. Then you can mount the HDP-2800ES onto the front filter threads of the camera lens by screwing.
● The HDP-2800ES lens is a precision optical instrument, assembled with critical alignment tolerances. Do not subject it to severe shock and to the conditions of excessive cold, heat or humidity.
● Do not use the built-in flash when the HDP-2800ES lens is attached on. If you do, the shadow of the lens may show on the picture.
● To avoid any damages on the front lens of the camera in use with the HDP-2800ES lens, please make sure the adapter ring is to be mounted on first. It can not be mounted direct on the 52mm filter sized camera lens. Please mount our original adapter ring RA5252B or RA5252 sold separately if need to use HDP-2800ES lens onto 52mm filter sized camera lens.
● There may be some chances of malfunction of the remote control system when operated while the HDP-2800ES lens is on. So, it's recommended to make a rehearsal shooting, before using the remote control system.
● Please treat and protect carefully in shooting the camera with the HDP-2800ES lens on. Please remove the HDP-2800ES lens from the camera whenever a shooting is over, and do not carry around the camera with the lens on. It may cause damages or spoil the lens and the camera as well.
● With the HDP-2800ES lens on, usually do focus the camera under Auto Focus mode. In using the replaced interchangeable lens or in operating under the Special Scene mode, there may be possibility of not focusing precisely.
● For resolving the matter of vignetting (darkened or cutting off the image corners) on the still image obtained with the HDP-2800ES lens on, while maintaining the max. diagonal fish-eye effect, it's recommended to use an image treatment software and make an appropriate trimming.
See the example photos.
● Although you may detect a white dot in the HDP-2800ES lens sometimes when looking into from the front, but it's not out of normal and would not affect any of image quality.
● The focusing zoom range with the HDP-2800ES lens on will vary depending on the model of High Definition camera in use, and generally speaking the focusing zoom range is from the end of wide angle point up to mid zoom area. No focusing at the telephoto zoom range.
● When mounting the HDP-2800ES lens onto the High Definition camera, we recommend set the camera vertically and do it very carefully.
Exposing the conversion lens to a warm atmosphere in an instant way from the cold area may create some dews on and inside the lens. When it happened inside the lens, keep the lens in a dry area till the dews disappear before using. Repeating such situation may leave dirt spot-(mildew) and affect the image.
All of Raynox conversion lenses are proudly made in Japan. At our wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary, every stage of production is rigorously checked and tested so that the lens elements compensate effectively for astigmatism, distortion and spherical aberration.... for an excellent image quality.
The lens is neither made for dust-free nor moisture/water-proof.
* The 5x zoom compatibility mentioned above is based on the actual test data made with the under 10x zoom HD camcorder, and depending upon the model of camera lens you use, effective zooming may become less than 5x. For finding the suitable camera models please visit our Raynox Home Page and see the Cross Reference Table.
** A designing calculation figure.

Comparision Video Clip


It will enhance the image resolution power further in fringe area when the RA5252 spacer ring is attached on.
How to attached the RA5252 spacer ring.
1. Attach the RA5252 on HDP-2800ES lens.
2. Attach either of the RA5243B or RA5237B on the RA5252 spacer ring, then mount it on an appropriate Ricoh adapter.
Note: Best performed at the end of Wide Angle when a zoom lens camera is in use.

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