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DCR-2025PRO 2.2x High Definition Telephoto Conversion Lens


 Make distant objects appear larger and real closer

An enlarged image

Raynox LS-082 Lens Shade for Telephoto Lens
Raynox lens shade: model LS-082
(LS-082 is included with DCR-2025PRO)
(LS-082 is not included with DCR-2020PRO)

Weight: 69g.(2.4oz)

The lens shade will cut an unwanted light beam,
and it reduces flare and ghost image effect considerably.

DCR-2025PRO comes with 4-adapter rings for
43mm/ 52mm/ 55mm/ 58mm filter sizes and a LS-082 lens shade.

DCR-2020PRO comes with 2-adapter rings for 52mm and 58mm filter sizes.

Specifications & Measurements
Magnification Nominal 2.2x, Actual 2.2x Diagonal, 2.2x Horizontal
Lens construction 2-group/4-element, Coated optical glass elements
Front Filter thread 82mm
Mounting thread 62mm
Dimensions 123mm x 86mm
Weight 275g(9.7oz)
Accessories DCR-2025PRO: LS-082, 4-adapter ring, Lens pouch, Lens caps, Instruction manuals
DCR-2020PRO: 2-adapter ring, Lens pouch, Lens caps, Instruction manuals
The DCR-2025PRO/DCR-2020PRO lens is originally designed to produce optimum image quality when used with a camera/camcorder incorporated with 8-time or higher zoom lens.However, depending upon the matching with the type of camera lens it may produces a superb image quality with a zoom lens less than 8-time ratio such as 4 times or 6 times.
Compatible with HD-Camcorder

DCR-2025PRO/DCR-2020PRO are also suitable to the High Definition Digital Camcorders and DVCAM such as SONY HDR-FX7, VX-2100, VX-2000, VX-1000, PD-170, PD-150, PD-100, TRV-900,/950 Canon GL-1, GL-2, XM-1/2. etc.
A LIST OF ADAPTERS for your Camcorder filter thread sizes

Cross reference table
Go to comparison shots. DCR-2025PRO on HDR-FX7
Go to Canon XV-1/XV2, XM-1/XM-2, GL-1/GL-2 accessories.
DCR-2025PRO on DMC-FZ18 Digital Camera

RA6243 F62-M43mm Adapter ring
for 43mm filter size.
(DCR-2025PRO-Included accessory)

RA6252 F62-M52mm Adapter ring
for 52mm filter size.
(DCR-2025PRO/DCR-2020PRO-Included accessory)

RA6255 F62-M55mm Adapter ring
for 55mm filter size.
(DCR-2025PRO-Included accessory)

RA6258 F62-M58mm Adapter ring
for 58mm filter size.
(DCR-2025PRO/DCR-2020PRO-Included accessory)

NEW RA6272 F62-M72mm Adapter ring is also available.(Sold separately)

Digital cameras cross reference table_デジカメ適合表

●** DCR-2025PRO/DCR-2020PRO may cause vignetting image( darkening one or more corner of the taken image )when used with this model.
●DCR-2025PRO/DCR-2020PRO was designed to use at most Telephoto position of  camera's zoom lens.
●Zooming towards wide angle side while the lens is attached may result in some degree of darkening at the corners of the frame(vignetting). Use at the maximum telephoto position of the zoom lens.
●The remote control function may not work properly when the DCR-2025PRO/DCR-2020PRO is attached. Use the LCD monitor screen for getting a precise picture framing, not through the optical view finder.
●Be careful in handling the camera with the lens attached, such as supporting or protecting the lens by your own hand.
●The specifications and cosmetic designs may change without prior notice.
Screw-thread pitch size is 0.75mm unless specified.
●Do not use the built-in flash while the DCR-2025PRO/DCR-2020PRO is attached.
Exposing the conversion lens to a warm atmosphere in an instant way from the cold area may create some dews on and inside the lens. When it happened inside the lens, keep the lens in a dry area till the dews disappear before using. Repeating such situation may leave dirt spot-(mildew) and affect the image.
All of Raynox conversion lenses are proudly made in Japan. At our wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary, every stage of production is rigorously checked and tested so that the lens elements compensate effectively for astigmatism, distortion and spherical aberration.... for an excellent image quality.
The lens is neither made for dust-free nor moisture/water-proof.
RAYNOX® is the registered trademark of Yoshida Industry Co., Ltd. Tokyo. Other brand names and the models are the trademarks of their manufactures or their subsidiaries and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.



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