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MX-3000PRO Semi-Fisheye

MX-3000PRO Semi-Fisheye
Ultra-Wideangle Lens Attachment, 0.3x
MX-3000PRO lens is equipped as same lens as XL-3000PRO with a durable metal body, and attaches 58mm filter size Camcorders directly without using any adapter ring.
The lens provide an extra wideangle view.
Compatible with SONY VX-2100, VX-2000, DSR-PD170, DSR-PD150, DSR-250,Canon GL-1, XM-1/2,XV-1
Magnification: Nominal 0.3x,
Actual 0.25x/Diagonal, 0.35x/Horizontal
Lens construction: 1G/1E, all surfaces fully coated
(Limited zoom capability)
Front filter size: 87mm
Mounting threads: 58mm
Size/Weight: 20 x 95mm/195g(6.9oz)
Accessories included: Lens caps, Lens pouch.

For 27-37mm filter size click

MX-3000PRO vs DCR-FE180PRO image comparison shots. Click

Comparision Images
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