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High-Resolution 340-line/mm 

2G/4E High Definition design 

Minimum Chromatic Aberration 

67mm Front filter size 

An actual image taken with DCR-1540PRO

The model DCR-1545PRO/DCR-1542PRO high definition telephoto lens is made of the high index optical glass elements with new concept of lens designing using two-group/four-element lens formulae. This new concept in designing the lens made it possible to achieve an amazing high definition telephoto lens of the 340 lines/mm resolution power at center (MTF30%), low dispersion and the increased light transmittance at fringe area. This is an ideal Telephoto conversion lens for the High Definition camera with 25x or more optical zoom lens. By using a suitable adapter and/or holder, the DCR-1545PRO/DCR-1542PRO lens can be used with the appropriate digital still camera or HD video camcorder, effectively. DCR-1545PRO comes with 2-adapter rings for 49mm and 55mm filter sizes.


  Specifications & Measurements
  Magnification Nominal 1.54x 
Actual 1.54x/Diagonal, 1.54x/Horizontal
  Lens construction 2-group/4-element, Coated optical glass elements
  Front Filter size 67mm
  Mounting thread 52mm
  Dimensions 67mm x 71mm
  Weight 240g(8.5oz)
  Accessories for DCR-1542PRO 3-Adapter rings for 37mm, 43mm and 46mm filter sizes, Lens pouch, Lens caps, Instruction manuals
  Accessories for DCR-1545PRO 2-Adapter rings for 49mm and 55mm filter sizes, Lens pouch, Lens caps, Instruction manuals




 Compatible with 4K/HD-Camcorder

DCR-1545PRO/DCR-1542PRO is also suitable to the 4K/HDV Camcorders, 3-CCD chip or mega-pixel Digital Camcorders and DVCAM.

Comparision Images
Comparision Video Clip
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