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SRW-6600-58 Wideangle lens 0.66x
  SRW-6600-58 Wideangle lens 0.66x
The lens creates super wide angle view of f=23mm (35mm film equiv.), compatible up to 6x zooming range. SRW-6600PRO lens controls the image distortion percentage at the least, less than -1.3%. SRW-6600-58 LE incorporates the specially designed 58mm size lens holding mount which makes a perfect match with Canon LAH-DC20 lens holder .
SRW-6600-58(Black model)
You may be able to get the same high quality level of image as well in using a combination of Raynox DCR-6600PROlens & RB52S2 lens holder adapter.
Magnification: Nominal 0.66x
Actual 0.66x/Diagonal, 0.66x/Horizontal
Lens construction: 3G/3E Optical coated glass elements
Mounting threads: 58mm
Front filter size: 72mm
Size/Weight: 48 x 77mm/178g

Model Canon LAH-DC20 Lens Holder Tube is required for use with the SRW-6600-58.
The production of SRW-6600-58LE(Silver model) has been discontinued its production and it's available quantity may be limited. Mar/2010.

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